• Provide platform for our children to compete in tournaments

    We specialize in talent hunts, polish the talents, and provide platform for our children to compete in tournaments, showcase their talents

  • Establish competitive sports teams

    We have a pool of 50 plus coaches , who follow international coaching curriculum and ensures uninterrupted and continuous coaching

  • Expose our talented kids to international competition

    There is being immense sporting talent wealth in the Middle East, unfortunately our children neither get the chance to polish their talents nor get a chance to showcase their talent and perform.


Welcome to al ethihad sports academy

We at Al Ethihad Sports Academy ensure our dedication, resources, time and commitment to identify and train the talent in you, we believe that this will direct you into making the right decisions in regard to sport and your career. Talents come along in your genes, but it takes responsibility, focus and efforts to channel the talents in the right direction.


To facilitate expatriate youngsters in GCC countries with an opportunity to compete at National and International level sports and games 


To give international exposure to youngsters in the field of football